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AG Ninja Goes to Windy City

AG Ninja just wrapped up another successful install outside of Chicago for a customer opening their second location. With all projects, new ideas and different challenges present themselves which, in my opinion, makes it a load of fun. While it can be a little stressful at times, these situations call for creative thinking and team work to provide solutions. In the end, things always seem to work out nicely and the customer is left with a beautiful training facility.

We began the project with our usual consult with the customer to determine the type of training environment (structured or open gym) and target age groups. From there we dove in to space planning. We obtained blueprints of the building and did a 3D mockup of the space. At that point, the fun started and we began designing a Ninja course, focusing on the various age groups our customer wanted to accommodate. Some of the obstacles we worked in were the Flying Monkey (known as flying squirrel to most), flying rings, the flying bar trainer, double salmon ladder etc. The great thing about how we design for our customers is we incorporate all the little details about the actual look of everything so the customer can get a true glimpse at what their gym will look like. We always include custom color schemes, logos, flooring etc.

After we determine everything a customer wants to do will actually fit within the space, we present it to them and go over everything in detail. 9 times out of 10, projects such as this one involve a good bit of customization of matting padding and even framing sizes. So, we have hundreds of small measurements we have to determine and pay close attention to. We literally check over it a good 5 or 6 times to ensure accuracy. One mistake can be quite costly!

Once we get the green light from the customer, it’s off to production. 6 Weeks later, the install team shows up and starts piecing together everything you will see in the video below. The result is what makes our jobs amazing!


If you need a consult on your Ninja facility or obstacles or just want to chat, please contact me!

Brad Thornton

Chief Operations Officer/Designer/Co-Owner


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