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Ninja Equipment: Fly Higher with The M.O.T.S.1 by AG Ninja

To keep up with the evolution of Ninja training as well as the incredible skills some of these amazing ninja athletes are demonstrating, we must provide the means with our ninja equpment. The new #agNinja M.O.T.S.1 is a MUST for ninja gyms. This rig gives gym owners and their warriors the freedom to expand their obstacle in EVERY direction–including up! You can now stack our #agNinja rig vertically to create a whole new level of height adjustments and excitement throughout your course. The Devil’s Trek obstacle shown here in this video along with the M.O.T.S.1 is just one of the many obstacle attachments that allows your ninjas to take advantage of the special height features on this rig. Imagine your ninjas now being able to soar even higher through the air as they laché to varying heights using the #agNinja M.O.T.S.1. This rig opens a new door to new and improved ninja skills.  We at AG Ninja are constantly making sure we do our part to provide the means and equipment to accommodate for these fierce athletes who are ready to take ninja training to a whole new level–literally.  Soar higher with the M.O.T.S.1

For questions about getting one for your gym or information about any of our other ninja obstacles, contact  

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