The VersaLadder

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The Versa Ladder is 3 obstacles in one, creating a variety of challenges for all ages.


1. Monkey Bars – Standard Monkey Bar rungs are perfect for your novice athletes

2. Floating Monkey Bars – Free floating rungs create a little more of a challenge in that the athlete must carefully place the rung in the cup as they traverse the obstacle

3. Cliff hanger – the obstacle is completely wrapped in cliffhanger ledges which will provide a challenge for your more advanced athletes. Swap out the ledges for wider or more narrow ones to change it up

Specs – 10′ 4″ x 2′ W x 2′ H – This obstacle is designed to span across a frame section break due to the length

Large variety powder colors and grip colors available

Additional information

Weight 300 lbs


AG Ninja


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