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3D Gym Design – We Design, Build and Equip YOUR Gym

Designing a new gym or adding to your existing gym can be an overwhelming process, so that is why we make sure each and every one of our customers are taken care of from the beginning – where ideas and dreams are discussed – all the way to the end – where owners and coaches step right in to the gym they’ve always wanted.

Check out this video as our co-owners and former gymnasts, Jay Thornton and Brad Thornton, break it down with a step-by-step process on how to build your gym or add on to your existing gym along with ways to provide additional streams of income to your business. With over 21 years of owning this business and being a former USA World Gymnastics Team Member, Jay Thornton knows the ins and outs of what is involved in making a successful gym come to life. And his brother, Co-owner Brad Thornton, who is also a former gymnast, has no problem applying his engineering degree from Georgia Tech as he tweaks and perfects each unique gym design to fit customers’ wishes and desires.


A burden will be lifted once you chat with our team and realize how much American Gymnast, along with our own 3D Gym Design technology, has to offer you as one of their valued customers. Imagine seeing your very own gym in 3D on your computer, as you work hand-in-hand with American Gymnast adding final touches and additions before it is ever built.  We will leave the guess work out and give you a clear perception of what your gym will look like before any construction takes place. But we don’t stop there. Once your design is complete,  American Gymnast then creates a detailed quote of every piece of equipment needed to outfit your new custom gym for you to review and order. We will then make sure all of your equipment is manufactured, shipped and installed per your design so that opening day is a success!  As you can see, we are a full service gym provider and we are passionate about helping others build their dreams while they build champions.

Please contact us for more information and to discuss your future plans at:

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2021 – Out with the old (Loose Foam Pit), and in with the new – BigAirBag!

One of American Gymnast’s most exciting projects to start off the new year was upgrading and completing this installation for the USA Gymnastics Women’s National Team training gym in Indianapolis! What a CLEAN, SAFE and a beautiful asset this is for these athletes.  2020 showed us that we needed to start thinking of different ways to help gym owners provide a safer and cleaner environment for their athletes while giving parents a peace of mind as programs start back up this year.  More than ever, athletes are longing to get back in the gym and do what they love – gymnastics!  We at American Gymnast are doing our best to keep up with the latest and most innovative equipment so that dreams will continue to come true, champions will continue to be made, and lives will continue to be impacted by this amazing sport.

BigAirBags can be retrofitted into your old loose foam pit or we can work with you to design the perfect size and shape airbag for new construction projects.  Additionally, we have portable above-ground airbags which are great for vaulting, tumbling and dismount training that can be easily moved around the gym and inflated in seconds.

One of the worst jobs in owning a gym has got to be cleaning out the loose foam pits!  The thought of cleaning out all of those foam cubes and then dealing with whatever you find underneath them is enough to make you feel sick to your stomach.  But by replacing your foam pit with this airbag, you will be blown away by the cleanliness and low maintenance of your new pit — the satin top sheets are anti-microbial (killing micro-organisms and stopping growth) and the sheets can be easily removed and washed.  No more dirt and grime living in your pit!

Providing the safest equipment for our customers and athletes is at the top of our list and we love the features this product has to ensure extra safety for those training.  Just a few of these features include an audible alarm that sounds any time a blower malfunctions or the power goes out.  There is also a pressure sensor located in the airbag that is able to read the pressure within the bag and that pressure is displayed so one can determine whether it is within the appropriate limits. When the air bag is deflated, there are large, brightly colored “Do Not Jump” labels that display alerting gymnasts that it is not safe to use.

We feel this product fits perfectly into how gyms can easily transform and upgrade to keep up with the dramatic changes we have had to make in the last year.  Safe, clean and effective — words that come to mind when describing this airbag.

More airbag installations are scheduled this month to provide gyms and their athletes a healthy way to train and we are truly excited about helping many other gym owners get this product set up in their facility. For information about the BigAirBag and how to get one in your gym, go to

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AG Ninja Goes to the Hamptons

After years of providing facility design concepts and installing large Ninja and Gymnastics setups for our clients, you think you have seen it all. This thought went out the window we met a new client who was looking to build an underground sports bunker for his kids. With my jaw on the floor, I listened as he described the space what he wanted it to include — a gymnastics area, basketball court, full climbing walls, turf field, hockey rink, golf simulator, workout area, yoga room, locker room and a full Ninja Course.

This was one of those projects you dream about doing – Design concept through installation – Amazing facility – sweet family. This video takes you on a virtual fly through of this amazing fun space. Enjoy!

Don’t forget, we work in residential spaces all the time! Even if it is simply coming up with a cool and fun concept in a single room of the basement, we are happy to chat with you about your project ideas. You’d be surprised how much you can do in a small space at home. For more info, email