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Need a New Ninja Training Curriculum?

New Ninja Curriculum by AG Ninja & NinjaZone

NinjaZone Elite

Brand New Comprehensive Obstacle Training Curriculum

Do you need a new curriculum for your Ninja program?  AG Ninja and NinjaZone have partnered up to create a brand new NinjaZone Elite training curriculum!  As sport obstacle training continues to explode across the country, programs need a more comprehensive curriculum to serve a broader range of athletes.  Now it’s here!

We have created several starter packages to take your program to the next level. However, if you need to customize the layout of your course to fit your space, just contact us and we will use our Ninja design skills to create one just for you!

NinjaZone Elite Starter Packages

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You will need to upgrade your Ninja Zone Licensee account with Ninja Zone to receive the NZ Elite frame-based curriculum.

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Sports Obstacle Highlight – The Unstable Monkey Bars

This SpOTlight video highlights the AG Ninja Unstable Monkey Bars obstacle.  Monkey Bars are a great exercise for grip strength, arm and shoulder development and hand-eye coordination.  More challenging than your typical playground monkey bars, the “unstable” front-to-back and side-to-side movement requires the athlete to maintain a greater focus while navigating from one end to the other.

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Sports Obstacle Highlight – The Warped Wall


Are you ready to beat that wall? We offer 2 types of Warped Walls – Premium and Basic – and several different sizes to choose from for Sports Obstacle Training. This SpOTlight Video shows different age athletes trying to scale our 10′ high Warped Wall.  This should give you a good indication of which size Warped Wall(s) you should consider for your Ninja Training Programs.

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Sports Obstacle Highlight – The Slanted Steps


Some version of the slanted step has been around Ninja Warrior since the beginning. It’s one of those obstacle you just have to have. Our Slanted Steps are custom made out of high quality wood, painted to the color of your choice and come with a gripped surface to prevent any slipping on the step. Each step has velcro on the underside which adheres perfectly to carpet bonded foam.  This SpOTlight Video shows 3 different age athletes demonstrating 3 different techniques, varying from Beginner to Advanced, for navigating across the Slanted Steps.

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Sports Obstacle Highlight – The Unstable Bridges


One of the staples for Ninja obstacles are the Unstable Bridges  The low hanging wood or plexiglass planks dangle from sling hardware causing motion in all directions as soon as you step on them. The ninja must carefully scale across the plank while attempting to keep their weight distributed in the center of the board. Then comes the true test of leaping to board number two!  The gap between the two bridges can be varied to increase or decrease the difficulty of the obstacle.

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Sports Obstacle Highlight – The Devil’s Bridge

Ninja Training Sport Obstacle - Devil's Bridge

A major objective of our AG Ninja brand is to design products that are not only fun and challenging, but also have versatility. Whats better than buying one ninja obstacle that can function like three and also covers a variety of skill levels? After all, we all want to get our money’s worth when making large purchases, right?

Our newest obstacle, The Devil’s Bridge, is a great example of a multi purpose Ninja Obstacle. We looked at several of our popular Ninja Obstacles and tried to come up with ways to combine them so our our customers don’t have to make unnecessary multiple purchases as their Ninjas progress and require more challenges.

The Devil’s Bridge is a blend of 3 different obstacles:

Ninja Training Sport Obstacle - The Unstable Bridge

The Unstable Bridge

Ninja Training Sports Obstacle - The Devil's Ladder

The Devil’s Ladder

Ninja Training Sports Obstacle - The Monkey Bars

The Monkey Bars

The Result:

Ninja Training Sport Obstacle - Devil's Bridge

The Devil’s Bridge

The Devil’s Bridge is a great obstacle to have on hand if you have broad age range training on your Ninja rig. Here is an example difficulty progression based on varying the configuration of the obstacle.


The simplest configuration of the obstacle is designed to function as a set of split, flat monkey  bars. Since each section is hanging from a chain, the obstacle will have some movement, making it more difficult than a standard set of monkey bars. This configuration can be hung low for new ninjas and can slowly be raised as the ninjas progress to add the element and excitement of height. You can also steadily increase the gap between the two sections, allowing for a greater reach.


After a few months of training, your ninjas are going to be ready for a new challenge. Fortunately, the Devil’s Bridge can easily be converted in to an intermediate obstacle – the Devil’s Ladder. This is done simply by reducing hardware on one end of the ladder and increasing the incline. The result will look like this:You can start off with just a slight incline and steadily increase it as the athletes advances.Even decline the ladders if you wish …Advanced

Finally, your advanced athletes can use this obstacle as the unstable bridge. The outside planks of the ladders are a wide wood surface, allowing the athlete to grasp hold and hop along the edge and then do a swing, release and hop to the second ladder.If your athletes master this, then increase the gap between the two bridges …Still not difficult enough?  Stagger the heights between the two bridges to create a more difficult transition.

Sport Obstacle Ninja Training - Devil's Bridge 7
So you can you can get really creative with this obstacle, creating a number of different challenges for your athletes. The key to success with your classes is to keep things fresh and exciting so your kids never know what to expect each time they come in. We are constantly brainstorming on ideas for unique obstacles so keep an eye out on the AG Ninja product page for new additions.

To order this Ninja training obstacle, see the product page here: The Devil’s Bridge